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the fairy Melusine
Discovering Vouvant
The birth of the legend Melusine It all started very long ago in the Kingdom of Albania in Scotland. During a hunt, King Elinas stopped near a fountain from which a melodious woman’s voice came to him and after that he began to court her. She agreed to marry him on one condition: if children were born from their union, he would only see her when she gave him permission. He accepted. This new queen was admired by all but one, Florimont, son of a first marriage of Elinas who hated her. The queen had three daughters the same day: Palestine, Melior and Melusine. Florimont, enjoying the happiness of his father, pushed him into the room. Having betrayed his promise, Elinas lost his wife forever. She disappeared with their three daughters into the lost island of Avalon where her sister Morgana reigned. She raised her daughters until the age of 15. The revenge of Melusine and its consequences Melusine then sought revenge on her father, who had thus sentenced them to solitary confinement. The three sisters went to Albania and locked up their father in Brumblerio Mountain forever. Their mother, learning of their misdeeds, became angry: Melusine, as the originator of the plot, was condemned: « Every Saturday, you will be as a snake from your navel to your feet but if you find a man who wants to marry you, let him first swear never to see you on Saturday, and if he discovers your secret, let him not reveal it to anyone; then you will live as a natural woman and will die naturally. From you will be born a noble lineage which will be illustrated by great feats. If your husband betrays you, you will stay a serpent for all eternity ». Preamble